people are doing

picture speed-dating: seats are numbered 1 and 2. the 2’s move to a new seat at the ring of a bell so you are sitting opposite a new person every few minutes.

the topic tonight: match-making for people with and without money who might like to co-purchase a house together. talk fast!

imagine an older woman who owns her house, doesn’t want to go to elder residence, has too much space.

now picture a young family from guatemala or whitby. there is no way they could ever afford a house in todays market. a matchmaker (the vision is that of toronto’s leslie gaynor -(i only called her gloria once)) puts them together.  smart contracts in place. boundaries important. woman has people nearby. family has home that they partially own. (not quite clear how this works).

team includes: realtor, legal advisor, finanacial advisor, mortgage broker (paid by bank).

and amazingly, once you’ve sat across someone for five minutes, you can’t go back to being strangers. i met two sisters i hope to stay in touch with.

it was an excellent night in rainy toronto.

what are you seeing around you?


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  1. It’s happening, Jane. I have a Syrian family living in my too-big house while my husband is studying abroad. #happytohelp


    1. that is wonderful. is the situation rent-free or exchange (which i’m sure would happen naturally anyway)? is there a clear understanding of what happens when your husband returns? (if you feel like answering- just curious how people do these things). any tips for others wanting to do the same?


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