pattern-matching with nature

if i can’t figure something out, i try to recall where i’ve seen that shape of energy movement in nature. if i can’t find it (leaving room for error, or sugar-fog) i think that perhaps it is ‘man-made’ and therefore not in order. strange? but that’s how my mind works.

which is what i’m doing now. trying to match this:
i am working on creating a small little course putting forward what i’ve learned about music, singing, recording, touring, the world, life, etc.

but as soon as i get past the word ‘touring’ the whole thing slithers out of my fingers. it crosses several panes of glass and settles into a shape i do not recognize. i figure i must be forcing something, then. my left brain interfering with a greater ‘order’. so i try to reduce it to as specific a topic as i can, forget any extrapolations to the greater view. then next thing that happens is i’m saying why this tiny thing is connected to the universe. and i’ve lost track again. overshot the trajectory.  like a simultaneously expanding and contracting universe that i can’t get clear on.
option 1: keep trying from different angles until i know it (possibly) inside out
option 2: let it be and trust clarity will come
option 3: forget whole idea since it’s not flowing

do you recognize this? how do you deal with it?


One thought on “pattern-matching with nature

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  1. Option 3: self-defeating
    Option 2: ideal, but risks inertia
    Option 1: at least you can say you tried

    But tiny things ARE connected to the universe. Right?


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