where smoke becomes flames.

i saw the most amazing video about three years ago. it was so good and so important that i couldn’t mention it. no one else did either. didn’t go viral. i don’t know why i didn’t fan it into flames by sharing.

last night i went online and googled ‘best-selling things to make money’. EVERYTHING is postured to making money.  EVERYONE from rich to poor pouring the oxygen of desire onto whatever might turn into money. Not buying for the object or item, buying it for the profit beyond. not buying for the beauty of the software, but looking beyond for the prize. i can’t quite find the words but it is like everyone is focused on something that never stops. never is finished never is done. what if we had all we needed and could shut down the corner store and send the employees home where they had all they needed, too.  are we advanced enough to just stand within the moment taking in and giving off the pleasure of it.

when someone sits calmly and IS oxygen to the flame of energy we call ‘money’ … what kind of person or situation is this. has anyone seen this? tell me.


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  1. They are sad and empty, trying to in vain to fill their particular voids. Hungry ghosts. An easy trap. Lots of folks think the happiest times of their lives were when they had the least. I do. Standing still and taking in the moment, all the moments … If only we could.


  2. It’s true ,but anyone smart enough knows to see past the illusion of money. Seems to me many people are poor managers of their own time. So they enjoy giving their purpose to others for guidance ,as in employers,bosses and any ‘authority’ figures. They are more than happy to go along with the crowd and follow that guide for life :college,employment,mortgage,car.It’s that stereotypical model of life and people are more than happy to enter that ”Matrix” and not be seen to rock the boat in any way. It’s unfortunate but it’s how it is. It seems very fear based.
    Afraid of what others would think if they didn’t follow the rules. Feeling safer because everybody else is doing it. And of course putting money ahead of any other purpose in life. Education as a means of getting money ,employment as as means of getting money and investing as a means of getting more money,keeping up with peers,competing, all of it is extremely childish if you look at it as a whole.
    It would be nice to see some development in the world. Where people just own up and admit money isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of life. Where people are brave enough to leave their hamster wheel routine behind. To enjoy life in the 24 hour period in front of them in a natural way. But so many people are unsure how to allocate their time because it would mean taking control and responsibility for themselves for once and they are simply not capable of doing so ,because it isn’t something that’s taught. Money is taught. And money they chase.

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  3. For years I have thought that the saddest thing about the world is that everything seems to be about money. Politics is about money, business is about money, medicine is about money, marriage is about money, etc.etc. But now I think that money is neutral. It is just a conceptual means to exchange. The real force of harm and evil, if you will, is profit. It isn’t good enough that you and I should facilitate an equitable exchange through money, we both think that we should get more than the exchange is worth and each of us is trying to win… to get more than the other person. That is truly sad as it separates us and creates the winner and loser.

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  4. Jane, all of the people on this planet are NOT focused on making money. Some of them have to be because their very survival depends on putting food in their mouth and the most common tool of barter is MONEY, so yes, they seek it, day in, day out. Are YOU obsessed with making money? I don’t think you are. There are many many others like you who see beyond filthy money. But Jane, it’s a tool isn’t it? Have you not used it? I am not that familiar with your business practices but I think you may have offered your music online for whatever price buyers were willing to pay. Vague memory of that. Could be wrong. But when I heard that I thought good for you. You probably got a pittance from your contracted record company.
    I expect GREED is the oxygen to the flame we call money.
    And greed is humankind filling their egoistic soul with distractions so reality remains hidden.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

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